California Wrongful Termination Lawyers

Our goal is to list employment lawyers who handle wrongful termination cases from all geographical areas of California, including the major cities of Los Angeles, San Francisco and San Diego.  We have broken up these listings into the three regions listed below.  Just click on one of the links to be taken to that region.

Northern California

Central California

Southern California

Employment Law and Wrongful Termination Resources in California

Wrongful Termination - Your Legal Rights
Very informative brochure put out by the Legal Aid Society in San Francisco.  Plenty of good information about wrongful termination can be found within.

California Department of Fair Employment and Housing
This agency handles unlawful discrimination in employment cases, including wrongful termination claims that have resulted from such discrimination. You don't need a don't need an employment lawyer to file a claim with this agency, but it's always recommended that you at least consult with an attorney before filing a claim. 

California Division of Labor Standards Enforcement
This is the official website for this agency that enforces wage and other employment related wage claims.  Downloadable forms can be found here to assist you in filing claims with them. 

Storm's California Employment Law
Written by an employment lawyer, this highly informative blog contains a mountain of information pertaining to wrongful termination and other employment law issues.  

California State Bar
Does the lawyer you are thinking about hiring have a disciplinary record?  Find out by looking him or her up on this website. 

Employee Rights - University of California Berkeley Labor Center
This site, by the Center for Labor Research and Education is a public service and outreach program of the UC Berkeley Institute of Industrial Relations. Founded in 1964, the Labor Center conducts research and education on issues related to labor and employment.  

California Wage Law
Wonderful blog that provides a dazzling scope of information relating to wages and employment in California.


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